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Jul 21, 2011


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Laurie White

I hired someone to turn my soft cover book into an ebook. The original ISBN is still in the text of the ebook front matter. Can I leave it there or do I need to delete it? Or, could I possibly have this added-- "ISBN for softcover edition" and leave the number with that change. I could assign a new ISBN for the book, but that just seems like a good bit of unnecessary hassle. I would really appreciate your opinion on this.


Hi Laurie, you'll need to delete it and get a new ISBN for your ebook edition. Thankfully it's not a major hassle.

Damian Nicolaou

Thanks Camilla, exactly what I was looking for and very clearly, and comprehensively, explained.


You're welcome Damian. I'm glad you found it useful.

Ken Green

Hi Camilla,
Is the copyright line necessary? Does Kindle insert that sort of thing automatically? I am just about to publish my first Kindle book. Slightly in the dark on the finer points! Look forward to your reply.


Hi Ken,
You will need to insert your own copyright page as Kindle doesn't add it automatically. If you choose to publish with Smashwords (who supply iTunes etc), they will also reject the book without a copyright page. So, yes, it's necessary.
Good luck with your book!


do i need to copyright my ebook with the government or is publishing it on kindle the same as copyrighting it?
thanks daniel


to put it differently - i have a final copy of my ebook, i have typed a copyright page just simply mentioning my own made up publisher my name, my editor, and the year. do i have to do anything else to protect it from whatever or is just publishing it on kindle copyrighting it?

thanks daniel


Hi Daniel, I'm not a lawyer but please do take this as a starting point for your own research. As far as I'm aware you have copyright once you create something. And publication on somewhere like Kindle date stamps it, which should be useful if anyone else tries to pass your hard work off as their's later.
I would include your name thus "Copyright: Daniel Surname, 2012" to your copyright page along with the other information you listed. I don't add my editor's name but many do. I would also suggest adding a web address if you have a website or blog. You can
You can file e-copies with national libraries but you might need your own ISBNs to do that.
I'm not sure what you mean by "protect it from whatever". I suspect you mean piracy but unfortunately copyright acts as no deterrant to pirates who may upload your book to file sharing sites. You'll note in my copyright sample above that I don't permit circulation etc, they still do it. However, I will always include a copyright page with my terms and they can defy them at their peril (mwah ha hah).
Best of luck with your new book!


Hi Camilla -- May I modify and use your copyright statement for my eBook? How difficult is it to obtain an ISBN for an ebook? Thanks for your help -- ML


Thank you for explaining all this in such a simply straightforward way. Very helpful.

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Hi Camilla. Just want to say thank you for sharing with us, your readers, information concerning the copyright issues in kindle. Honestly, I don't think I would have the opportunity to use such information but still, there are folks out there who needed to know such information for their own good and to protect what is theirs. Can I possibly put this post of your in my personal site so my readers would get to know about this too? I assure you that I won't alter anything in your post.


Hi Camilla,
Thank you for all the useful information! Just a quick question on translated novel. 5 years ago the book was published in paperback in original language(with ISBN). Now the new version in English (in ebook format) is being completed but it doesn't have ISBN (since we will publish through KDP and we heard Amazon will assign its own ASIN). So my question is, what year should I put on the copyright page for this ebook book? and should I indicate any information about print edition anywhere on the copyright page? Is it also required to mention "legal bit" since the book is originated in another country? Thank you so much!


Thank you for this! I'm publishing my first e-book (gulp) soon and this is just the help I needed.


Thank you so much Camilla for your informative blog.I'm about to publish my first e book and was looking for this exact info on what to put on the copyright page.


When you publish an e-book they ask if the book is public domain or copyrighted. Which one do you choose? If your book is copyrighted to you because you wrote it but is not copyrighted through U.S. copyright? I tried to find and answer everywhere. Hope you can help.
Thank You


Hi Camilla

Thanks for the info very very useful


Hi Vickie, I choose copyright as I created and own the work.

Bren Murphy

Thank you for the copyright info - it is great to see the different versions - really useful for me right now!
Bren Murphy


It's not necessary but, putting the Copyright symbol (the C in a circle) before the actual Copyright notice is a useful way to draw attention to the line. I found this page interesting and quite enlightening too:


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