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Jul 21, 2011


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You mention how to display the Title Page information; however, you don't state whether or not the font (style and size) can be the same as it appears on the front cover of a printed paperback version. This would be helpful information, as well.

Also, can an illustrated cover be included at the beginning, or should it be left out?

Also, can Word documents be submitted for e-book conversion or must the manuscript be in another specific format?

Thank you!


Hi Rita,

I can't give you a definitive answer on the font (especially without knowing which paperback you refer to) but I would suggest going for a 'clean' style such as Arial in point 12 size. You may want to bold the title on the title page or put it in a .14 size. Fancier fonts don't always convert well so I like to keep it simple.

After writing this post (July 2011), Kindle made it possible for them to include the bookcover in the downloadable file by checking a box in KDP. Smashwords automatically add it. I don't know about B&N. You can also add it yourself using the picture insert feature in Word. I've seen the cover included at the beginning or at the end of the file. Readers seem to like it. As a reader, I certainly like to get the book cover with the download.

Personally, I upload a Word doc file but many people swear by converting to HTML then uploading that HTML file. Whatever you do, make sure you check the file in Preview prior to publishing and also download the free sample to doublecheck the appearance after publishing.

Good luck with your endeavours!


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!


I'm contiually confused between the term "Cover" and Title Page. The former is a picture that uploads separately under KDP.

The title page is something either typed as shown by your example or is it furnished by "Amazon" from information encofurnintered in the upload process?

In short -- Do I include it in the upload or trust to "Amazon" or perhaps specify what I want?


I recently tried converting my stpry to an ebook.
The text of the title page sat nicely in the middle of the page. When I converted to html and previewed the book, the copyright page and dedication pages (pages 2 and 3 after the title page)the text sat high up on each of these pages.
I went to layout and aligmnet, centred them and centred the text with the button on the main toolbar, but the text still sits high up on these two pages.
I'm using Word 2010 and converted the doc. to webpage filtered as recommended on Amazon.
There are page breaks after the text on each of these pages. The chapters of the book are ok, just the text on the second and third pages.
Any idea what this may be?





Thanks for share this I really appreciate the effort to help those of us who are not necessarily coders. Is there a way to show the chapter the reader in at the top of the page?

Thanks again.

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