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Aug 26, 2018


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I'm not an author but I'm a huge bookworm and I follow a number of authors. Please don't be concerned about how to engage! Most readers simply want to have a place to tell the author how they feel about the books and characters and to have some acknowledgment from the author. People leave reviews but that only offers one way communication so the two way communication of social media is much more appealing. Social media is great for posting pictures of what characters might look like or what they might eat. You can have contests and polls. Offer updates on book progression and get encouragement on days when your muse has decided to sleep in. Social media is a place for you to get to know your readers and for your readers to get to know you. I would suggest keeping your sites about your books, signings, vacations, maybe generic hobbies; enough to give fans a taste of your cooking without offering the entire recipe (there are some sick people out there).

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