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May 14, 2019


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Gaye Hawkins

Take good care of yourself. I hope that there are many in your circle of care that are there for you to rely on.


We can wait. The important thing is that you do whatever you need to do to feel better. I love the Lexi series, but taking care of yourself takes priority.


after reading the Lexi-Books, it feels like she became my friend, and so gave you. Please take care and Take all the time you need...


Take care of yourself and get back to where you are feeling healthy and strong. And congrats to you for knowing you needed to take some time off for some self care. We will content ourselves re reading your books until you feel ready to face the keyboard. Please take care you and your quirky whit have won a place in our hearts and we all want the best for you.


Gaye, Elizabeth, Ingrid, and Kerri, thank you all for your kind, thoughtful comments. I appreciated them so much!
Camilla xo

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